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Amazon-U.S. was formed by Jeff Bezos and has kept on growing since then. Jeff Bezos started Amazon-U.S. in Seattle, because of its technical talent and Microsoft being located there. Amazon-U.S. went public in the month of May 1997. In 1998 it began selling music and videos.

In the same year, it also started selling books online in the United Kingdom and Germany. In the next year, the organization also started selling video games, consumer electronics, home improvement items, software, toys, games, and many other items.

In 2002, Amazon started AWS (Amazon Web Services), which provided data on Internet traffic programs, website popularity, and other statistics of marketers and developers. In 2006, Amazon-U.S. grew its AWS with EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) which was used to rent computer processing power, and S3 (Simple Storage Service) as well. In the same year, Amazon-U.S.
also started " Fulfillment by Amazon" which helped individuals to manage their inventory and small companies to sell their products through the company internet site. In 2012, Amazon-U.S. bought Kiva systems to automate the inventory management business. In the year 2017, Amazon-U.S. also started the purchase of the whole food market supermarket chain. Amazon also announced Amazon prime in 2018.

Company Status:

Amazon-U.S. is referred to as ” one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” and the world’s most valuable brand as well. Amazon-U.S. is considered one of the big four companies of U.S. information technology along with Apple, Google, and Facebook. In 2015, Amazon-U.S. crossed Walmart to be the most valuable retailer in the U.S.

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Pay Scale:

Amazon’s pays its employees according to their designation, post, experience, work, and location. The minimum wage provided by Amazon to its employees is $15 per hour. Amazon-U.S. provides jobs in various categories which are administrative support, audio/video/photography production, business and merchant development, business intelligence, management, customer service, and many more.

Benefits: Benefits provided by Amazon-U.S. to its employees are:

Amazon-U.S. works for customers of different ages, gender, caste and produces products according to them. The same condition applies to employees as well Amazon-U.S. has employees of different age, gender, race, caste, etc. Amazon-U.S. makes sure that all of its employees are satisfied by their work, by the work culture provided to them, by the pay given to them, etc.

Financial security:
Amazon-U.S. doesn’t only provide security to its employees but also gives them financial security by different financial plans and insurances like Amazon’s 401(k), company’s paid life, accidental, and death insurance, dismemberment insurance, disability insurance, health savings account, etc.

RSUs (Restricted Stock Units):
Amazon-U.S. provides RSUs to its employees, through which employees can purchase a limited number of Amazon’s stocks.

The network of Support:
Amazon-U.S. understands that its employees need support both on and off the job through 24/7 confidential support, online resources for parents and children, financial counseling, estate planning, etc.

Career choice and benefits:
Amazon-U.S. helps its employees get more educated, improve their skills and knowledge, and also, help them by paying a fixed percentage of fees charged for education.

Amazon-U.S. provides perks to its employees like a discount on and on several things, vacations, time-offs, paid leaves and many more.

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