Latest Job Opportunities at UPS Express – U.S.


James Casey formed American Messenger Company on August 28, 1907, with Claude Ryan in Seattle, Washington. Most deliveries at that time were made on foot or on bicycles. The American Messenger Company primarily focused on package delivery to retail stores, special delivery mail delivered for its largest client the U.S. post office.

The American Messenger Company acquired its first vehicle which was Model.T.Ford for delivery. In the following years, Casey and Ryan merged with a competitor Event McCabe and formed as Merchants Parcel Delivery. In 1916, Charlie Soderstrom also joined Merchants Parcel Delivery and brought in more vehicles for the growth of the delivery business. In 1919, the company expanded its services outside Seattle to Oakland, California, and changed its name to UPS (United Parcel Service). Since then UPS service has seen many ups and downs and has kept on growing.

Company Status:

UPS express-U.S. is known as one of the best American Multinational Package Delivery and Supply Chain Management Company. Along with packaging UPS, Express-U.S. is also to denote its various divisions and subsidiaries which include cargo airlines, freight-based trucking operation, delivery drone airline, and many more.

Pay Scale:

Pay Scale provided by UPS Express-U.S. to its employees ranges from $10.87 to 28.77 per hour, which counts to an average of $17.06 per hour. UPS Express-U.S. provides employment opportunities in various fields and provides many benefits to its employees which are explained below.

Jobs provided by UPS Express-U.S. are in fields like corporate roles, package handlers, driver opportunities, seasonal positions, warehouses, and technicians.

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UPS Express-U.S. makes sure that its employees are trained properly in their work, training for many days, and many weeks are provided to the employees according to their designation. This is proved beneficial to employees as they keep on learning and also the customers as they get the best services.

Job security:
UPS Express-U.S. is a company that has been growing for so many years, there are least chances of UPS Express-U.S. getting shut down. Due to which its employees have a secure job, they know that if they work according to the requirements of UPS Express they can work at UPS Express on a permanent basis.

UPS Express-U.S. employees get discounts in various fields through UPS Smart Savings and Employment Discount plan, the employees of UPS Express are provided with an id password to log in to their account through UPS Enterprise Portal. Employees can have a look at various discounts available to them on UPS Enterprise Portal.

Health and Insurance Benefits:
UPS Express-U.S. provides various Health and Insurance benefits to its employees like dental insurance, vision insurance, temporary disability insurance, permanent disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, teamster care coverage, etc.

UPS Express-U.S. provides various leaves to its employees like paid leaves, vacation, flexible work schedule, flexible work hours, work from home options for some jobs, and many more.

Financial benefits:
Other than salary, UPS Express-U.S. provides many more financial benefits to its employees like pension plans, stock purchase plans, 401(k) retirement plan, and many other financial plans.

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