Latest Job Opportunities at Western Express in U.S


Western Express-U.S. was formed in 1991, by Wayne and Donna Wise. But Wayne Wise passed away in 2010 and the future of the company was placed in the hands of the existing management of that time. In 2019 Western Express-U.S. was again able to provide an opportunity to the Wise family to redeem their shares and maintain a minority shareholder position in the company.

Company Status:

Western Express-U.S. is known as an asset-based truck loaded carrier, with its headquarters at Nashville, TN with terminals that facilitate throughout the whole United States. Currently, the management team owns the majority interest of the Western Express-U.S. Western Express- U.S has grown and has become a large tier industry truckload carrier running on the newest fleets in the industry. Western Express-U.S runs on the fleets of over 3000 power units and over
7500 trailers, which are 100% GPS traceable.

Western Express-U.S is known as a service-focused company, is known as a company that serves the needs of the customers by providing innovative transportation solutions and also maintains a profitable business and providing an environment that allows both professional and personal growth.

Pay Scale:

Western Express-U.S pays an average payment of $41,135 per year. When it comes to hourly payment the average payment provided by Western Express-U.S. is $9 per hour. Salaries of Western Express-U.S range from $23,046 to $73,421 a year.

Western Express-U.S provides different employment opportunities to its employees like driving jobs, corporate jobs, operational jobs, and many more.


Employees prefer working at Western Express-U.S, as Western Express provides so many benefits to its employees which are:

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Opportunities for all:

Western Express-U.S. provides jobs in different fields and due to which it gives the opportunity to everyone, Western Express-U.S. has opportunities for everyone to work with it.

Priority home time:

Western Express-U.S understands that with work, home is also a priority for the employees. To allow employees to spend time at their homes, give time to their families Western Express gives benefits to its employees like work from home, flexible work schedule, flexible work hours, leaves, etc.

Work with new equipment and learn new technologies:

Western Express-U.S. always keeps on updating its technology, brings new equipment, stronger equipment, safer equipment. As its employees always work with the latest technology with the latest equipment they always keep on learning new technologies and remain updated with new technologies.

Option for every driver:

When it comes to driving opportunities, Western Express-U.S. always requires new drivers to expand itself. When it comes to driving jobs, Western Express gives the opportunity to all types of drivers new drivers, experienced drivers, and drivers driving different vehicles.

Fast high pay career:

When it comes to increasing pay, the employees of Western Express-U.S. get their pay increased in around 3 weeks as they start working for Western Express-U.S.

Get paid training:

If any of the employees want to get extra training, want to learn more, Western Express-U.S. provides paid training opportunities for them.

Great pay and benefits:

Western Express-U.S. pays its employees according to their work, other than paying the salary Western Express also gives financial benefits like employee stock purchase plan, pension plans, savings plan, etc.

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