Vacancies Available in Swift Transportation-U.S.


Carl Moyes who was a truck driver was hauling to produce C.R. England Trucking at the end of the 1940s out of northern Utah. Then in the late 1950s, Betty and Carl Moyes started a small trucking company in a plain city, Utah. They also provided B and C truck leasing. After some time, their son, Jerry got graduated, from Weber State University in 1966, they then moved the small company to Phoenix, Arizona. After which they formed a company named Common Market in Arizona which was later named Swift Transportation.

The name Swift Transportation was purchased from a descendent of the Swift Meat Packing family. This family also bought the trucking and assets of the Swift and Company by which they also became a partner of Swift Transportation. Operations of Swift Transportation began in 1966, swift transportation used to do work like transportation, import steel from cities, returning cotton to cities, and many more. Swift Transportation has been kept on growing since then.

Company Status:

On 8 September 2017, Swift Transportation merged with Knight Transportation. Swift Transportation is the largest common carrier in the United States with 23,000 trucks.

Pay Scale:
Pay Scale provided by Swift Transportation-U.S. ranges from $37,075 to $89,165 a year, which comes to the average pay of $53,548 per year.

Swift Transportation-U.S. offers many jobs to its employees like shop mechanics, driving career, operations support, customer service, finance jobs, sales jobs, IT jobs, HR jobs, etc. There are around 21,900 employees working for Swift Transportation-U.S.


Safety is the foremost priority of Swift Transportation-U.S. for customers as well as for employees. Swift Transportation-U.S. provides proper training and a safe work environment to its employees, to keep them safe, the safety of employees will also keep the customers safe.

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Honesty and Integrity:
Swift Transportation-U.S. always remains open and remains honest to its employees, always believes in informing the employees about profits, deals, transactions, problems faced by it.

Sense of Urgency:
Swift Transportation-U.S. always understands that its employees also have a personal life, any employee’s family can need him/her anytime and anywhere. Due to which it provides many holidays to its employees like vacations paid leaves, sick leaves, flexible work hours, flexible work schedule,s, etc.

Push to work hard:
Swift Transportation-U.S. believes that its employees should keep on growing, should keep on learning new things, keep on getting new career opportunities. Due to which Swift Transportation-U.S. doesn’t let any worker get satisfied with his/her work and always makes them work more and learn more. There are many employees who want to get more educated while working, Swift Transportation-U.S. supports those employees to help them to pay their education fees and also gives them required relief from their work.

Financial benefits:
Swift Transportation-U.S. provides various financial benefits to its employees like pension plans, retirement plans, 401k plan, employee assistance program, and employee stock purchase plan.

Health and Insurance benefits:
Swift Transportation-U.S. provides health and insurance benefits to its employees like medical plans, prescription drug plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, group accident insurance, and critical illness plans.

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