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What is Education?

Education is known as the process of facilitating learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, values,  beliefs, and habits. There are different methods for education such as teaching, training, storytelling, discussion, and direct research. Education is said as “the passport for the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Facts and Figures: 

Today only 45.69 percent of the world’s population is educated. 39 percent of the worldwide population is not educated at all. According to the UNESCO report until 2014, there were 57 million children in the world that didn’t use to go to school. In 2016 the number of boys and girls who denied education was 1 million and has increased to 264 million in 2017. According to 2016 reports, around 131 million girls in the whole world were out of school, and for them, equality remained elusive. In 2015, there were 32 million girls out of primary school, which increased to 34 million in 2016. According to 2017 reports, only 83 percent of students complete elementary school, only 45 percent of students aged from 15 to 17 years complete their secondary school. According to 2018 reports, Switzerland is the No 1 County in Education.

Canada is the most and the highest educated country in the world. According to the OECD, more than 56 percent of adults in the Great White North have earned some kind of education after High School.
According to 2020, Korea has the highest literacy rate in the world. China’s school kids are declared as the smartest students in the world. The United Kingdom has the best education system according to 2020. The second position is taken by the United States, third by Australia, fourth by the Netherlands, and fifth by Sweden. South Korea has the toughest education in the world. After it, Japan has also achieved great success in recent years by incorporating technology into its education system. After Japan, Singapore comes in third place, Hong Kong in fourth, and Finland at fifth. Balamurali Ambati is known as the youngest Ph.D. holder in the world, by completing his P.hd at the age of 17.

Micheal .W. Nicholson who has 30 degrees is known as the most qualified person in the world, followed by Benjamin Bradley Bolger by the second place having 14 degrees. We are in the 21st Century, today when it comes to education every person wants to be educated, wants to learn new things, wants a job. Today learning and education are not limited by any barrier, not with age, not with gender, not with financial security, not by field of education and nothing other than this.

If a person is interested in learning something he/she can find many certified course options for the same. A person can get a course about whichever field he/she is interested in, can make the same as his/her career.
Detailed information about the benefits of education, details about different courses, job opportunities/career scope after completing different courses, websites providing different job opportunities, educational qualifications gained after each course, best course options after 12th std, and best course options for girls is provided below.

Benefits of Education:

We all know that Education is important, but how is it important? What are the benefits of Education? are some questions that always strike in mind. By providing the information below, the benefits of education, the answers to these questions are provided.

Healthy and Long Life:

It is proved that people who have educated themselves, live a longer and healthier life than those who aren’t educated. People who are educated have a lesser risk of heart disease, they exercise regularly, remain away from bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.

Experimentation and Diversity:

People who are educated keep on trying new experiments in their lives, keep on learning about new things, keep on learning about different things. Digital life has helped people a lot in doing the same, people can learn, can know, can do whatever they want by sitting at their homes only. Meet others, know people: Education helps students to meet new people, get to know others, get to meet like-minded people. These people can be friends, classmates, mentors, teachers, etc.

Pursuing Passion:
If a person is passionate about something, he/she can pursue the same, get to know about the same by getting educated.

Personality Development:

Students have to make a lot of projects, assignments, presentations at their school and college life. Other than this they also have so many extracurricular activities like games, competitions, etc. These things make them communicate, improve productivity, identify their skills, improve different skills, get disciplined which in all helps them to develop their personality.

More Employment:

People who are educated have more employment opportunities than those who are not educated.

Career Preparation:

Higher Education helps students to get trained, learn more things, grow in life which helps them to get prepared for their career, and have a great career ahead.

Economic Growth:

When the entire society gets educated, employment increases, productivity increases, income increases. By which people earn more, people who have completed a college degree get higher pay than those who have completed a high school degree. As all people get educated, they will definitely earn more, which will increase economic growth.

Improves Environment:

Nowadays the environment is going on getting disturbed, getting polluted and it is really important to protect the environment and improve environmental conditions. People will be able to improve the environmental conditions only when they know about it when they are educated about it, due to which it is said that getting educated improves the environment.

Social Well-being:

Social Well-being, means a society which is harmless, people are educated, people have unity and trust between them. Education helps to promote equality and empowerment, promote good citizenship and civic involvement, reduces crime, reduces gender-based violence, reduces child marriages, reduces maternal death rates, etc.

Develop Problem Solving Skills:

Education helps people to solve their problems, to deal with their problems in an easier way. As people get educated, they know about more things, they remain aware of more sources to get educated and have more sources to deal with their problems.

Educating more people:

If a person gets educated, he/she doesn’t only educate himself/herself but also makes others get educated, give their own knowledge to others, motivate others to learn new things, and get educated.

Self-Dependent and Empowerment:

Education helps people to become self-dependent and empower themselves. People by themselves, earn money on their own, bear their own expenses, and do not have to request or plead in front of anyone for anything.

Get to know about basic skills:

When children are sent to schools and preschools they get to learn so many skills since childhood, they get to know about so many basic skills since their childhood such as reading, writing, games, improve drawing skills, improve problem-solving skills, improve cognitive skills, etc.

Develop Talents:

Each and every person is talented in one thing or another, but not everyone gets to develop their talent as many of them don’t know about their talents. Because it is important for people to get educated, to know about their talents, to improve their talent. Due to which it is said that getting educated helps people to develop their talents.

Personal Growth:

As a person gets educated he/she gets to know about new things, gets to learn new skills, gets to develop their own interest gets to improve their skills which helps a person to have overall personal growth.

Helps to connect with others:

Every person can easily connect with people that are near them, but the digital world has helped people to connect people who are far from them have helped to connect people who live across borders. But when it comes to using the digital world it is important for a person to know about that, to remain educated about different things, have improved skills, and many more.

Helps to progress:

As seen, educated people have more skills, have more knowledge, know about more things, by which they have more ways to have progress in their life than those who are not educated.

Stand Against Wrong:

Educated people are aware of more things than those who are not educated or who are less educated. Education makes a person understand what is wrong and what is right. As a person understands about wrong and right he/she uses their knowledge, their skills to stand against wrong things.

Good Citizens:

Education makes a person learn how to develop his/her country, make him/her a good citizen. It is seen that people usually have a higher rate of voting, be aware of their rights, know how to use their rights, go for volunteerism, blood donation, etc.

Gender Equality:

Earlier it was seen that many girls, women faced gender inequality, they were not treated equally to men. The same issue has been solved with the help of education, as people got educated they understood that men and women should be treated equally there is nothing that a man can do and a woman cannot and vice versa. These are the best benefits provided by education, but when it comes to receiving benefits from education the list is definitely going to be never-ending. The educational courses are available in different departments, the same are been listed below:

Online Courses

Today if a person is interested in learning he/she can definitely find a certified course in the same field/department. The departments in which certified education courses are available are mentioned below.
● Data Science
● Machine Learning
● Artificial Intelligence
● IT and Software
● Cloud Computing
● Marketing and Finance
● Big Data
● Virtual Classrooms
● Digital Marketing
● Designing
● Video making
● Photography and Photoshop
● Interview Preparation
● Industry Case Studies
● School Courses
● Programming courses

Job Opportunities/Career Scope:

As a person completes any of the above-mentioned courses, there is also a job opportunity available for the same, a different career option available for the same. Details for the same are mentioned below:

Data Science:

After completing Data Science a person can get job opportunities such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Mining Engineer, Data Architect, Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, etc.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning courses provide job opportunities such as Software Engineer, Software Developer, Designer in Human-Centered Machine Learning, Data Scientist, Computational Linguist, etc.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence courses provide job opportunities such as Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist, AI Data Analyst, Product Manager, AI Engineer, etc.

IT and Software:

IT and Software courses provide job opportunities such as Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Blockchain Developer, Software Developer, Computer Network Architect, Computer System Analyst, etc.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing courses provide job opportunities such as Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Project Manager, Cloud Business Analyst, Cloud Network Architect, Cloud Project Manager, Cloud Sales Executive, Cloud Programmer, Cloud Consultant, etc.

Marketing and Finance:

Marketing courses provide job opportunities such as Marketing Manager, Marketing Research Analyst, Advertising Manager, Promotion Manager, Social Media Manager, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Media Planner, Sales Manager, Public Relations Specialist, etc.

Finance courses provide job opportunities such as Accounting Manager, Credit Managers, and Specialists, Financial Analyst, Corporate Controllers, Finance Officers, and Treasurers, Insurance and Risk Managers, Investment Bankers, Investing Sales Traders and Associates, etc.

Big Data:

Big Data courses provide job opportunities such as the Clouder Certified Associate (CCA) Administrator, Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer, Horton Works Certifications on Hadoop Developer and Administrator, IBM Certified Data Architect-Big data, SAS Certified Big Data Professional, etc.

Virtual Classrooms:

Virtual Classroom courses provide job opportunities such as teaching online, editing jobs, etc.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing courses provide job opportunities such as Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Content Writers, Inbound Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Experts, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Search Engine Marketers, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer, etc.


Designing courses provide job opportunities according to the different designing courses such as Art Directors, Craft, and Fine Artists, Fashion Designers, Floral Designers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Jewelers, and Precious Stone Workers, Metal Workers, etc.

Video Making:

Video Making courses provide job opportunities such as Associate Director, Camera Operator, Director of Lightning, Video Production Assistant, Sound Designer, Training Film Producer, etc. Photography and


Photography courses provide job opportunities such as Photographer, Fashion and Photographic Artist, Commercial and Advertising Photographer, Corporate Photographer, Editorial and Press Photographer, etc.

Photoshop courses provide job opportunities such as Graphic Designer, Freelance Designer,
Web Developer, Designer, Graphic Artist, Externship, Art Director, etc.

Interview Preparation:

Interview Preparation courses provide help to know about the interview culture, to know about the questions that can be asked in the interview, to prepare for interviews in a better way, to make others learn about interview preparation, etc.

Industry Case Studies:

There are many people interested in knowing about case studies, to know about different industries, to know about current situations of different industries, and many more things.
Industry Case Studies help people to do the same, case studies can also be helpful at different
types of interviews.

School Courses:

There are many courses which can be done by school students, these courses don’t really give
a direct job opportunity but they do help students to get ready for their future by improving their skills like growth and development, learn about safety precautions, employment preparation, valuable experience working in a variety of settings, etc.

Programming Courses:

Programming Courses provide job opportunities such as Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Computer System Engineer, Database Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst,
Software Quality Assurance(QA), Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Programming, etc.

Websites to find jobs:

There are many people who know about the availability of different courses, jobs that can be done after completing these courses but are confused about where they can find these jobs. There are many ways from where a person can find a job, mainly people find jobs from two
ways which are the offline method and online methods.

Earlier, people used to travel from company to company, from organization to organization to
get a job. But now thanks to digital media, the Internet world, Social Media people don’t really
have to do that, they can easily find jobs, by sitting at their own home, in their own comfort zone just by using their mobile phones and laptops.

As we know the Internet has made life easier, but it has also given a lot of problems, people are
easily able to access the internet, create a fake website, create fake applications, make people register on them, give them fake jobs, hack accounts, hack devices, uses personal documents for illegal activities, ask for registration fees for fake jobs, and many more. Due to which people get a little bit afraid while finding a job using some website, get confused about which website to use, don’t really want to use the internet and applications to find jobs, etc. To solve these problems, below are mentioned some best websites that provide job
opportunities online with the help of digital media:


● Job
● Robert Half
● CareerBuilder
● Indeed
● LinkedIn
● Ladders
●Freshers Canada
● Glassdoor
● LinkUp
● Monster
● SimplyHired
● Google For Jobs
● Dice
● ZipRecruiter
● Individual Company Websites
● AngelList
● Behance
● College Recruiter
● Fairygodboss
● Hired
● Idealist
● Lawjobs
● Mediabistro
● RecruitMilitary
● USAJobs
● We Work Remotely
● FlexJobs
● Scouted
● Snagajob
● Craiglist jobs
● ErasmusIntern
● Internships
● Dribble
● Public Relations Society
● Workew
● HubStaff Talent
● Virtual Assistants
● HireMyMom
● Go Overseas
● CV-Library
● Escape The City
● Zoek
● TotalJobs
● Careerjet
● WorkInStartups
● Guardian Jobs
● Facebook Job Search
● Government Jobs
● Authentic Jobs
● PowerToFly
● Remote.Co
● LawCrossing
● GoodWall

There are many other websites that are known for providing jobs, for a particular department
only like:

● Poached, Culintro for Restaurants
● for Writers
● for Medical
● for Finance
● Angel.Co for startups
● for High-Level pros
● for Information Technology
● for Nonprofits
● for Sales
● for Marketing
● for Engineering
● for Creative
● for Sports
● for Construction
● for Marketing and Technology
● for Programming

If a person does any of the courses, he/she also gets an educational qualification/degree according to the course completed. The details for the same are mentioned below.

Data Science:

Most of the Data Scientists or people doing Data Science courses have a master’s degree or Ph.D., with this Data Scientists also undertake online learning to learn special skills on how to
use Hadoop or Big Data querying. By this, it can be said that while going for Data Science courses a person can enroll for a master’s degree program in the field of Data Science, Mathematics, Astrophysics, etc.

Machine Learning:

There are various certified machine learning courses available but when it comes to qualifications/degree after completing a machine learning course, there are different
qualifications available such as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology), M.Tech (Masters in Technology), M.Sc (Masters in Science), etc.

Artificial Intelligence:

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there are many institutes across the world offers
diploma, graduate, postgraduate, and certificate level courses for Artificial Intelligence. For
Artificial Intelligence courses students can get a degree such as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology), M.Tech (Masters in Technology), M.Sc (Masters in Science), etc.

IT and Software:

There are various certified courses available for IT and Software, other than that there are many
degree courses of IT and Software courses such as Bachelor in Computer Science, BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application), B.Tech program in IT, M.Tech, etc.

Cloud Computing:

There are many degree Cloud Computing courses such as Undergraduate Degree in Cloud Computing, BE/BTech in Cloud Computing, BCA, BSc after completing 12th std. Candidates can also go for Post Graduation courses such as ME (Master of Engineering), MTech (Master’s in Technology), MCA (Master’s in Computer Application), MSc (Master of Science) in Cloud Computing.

Marketing and Finance:

Qualification/Degree after completing Marketing courses are MBA (Master’s in Business Application) in Marketing, Sales, and Marketing courses at the Master’s level, etc. There are various certified courses Financial courses other than that there are many Qualification/Degree for Finance courses such as MBA in Finance, a numerate degree in Statistics, Economics, and Maths.

Big Data:

Qualification/Degree for Big Data courses in Big Data Management Degree, Big Data Engineer.
Other than these candidates can also go for a Bachelor or Masters Degree in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Finance, Economics, or Statistics.

Virtual Classes:

Virtual Classes are getting popular day by day, a person can get any qualification by Virtual Classes which he/she earlier took from real classes. When it comes to learning about how to take virtual classes, there are many certified courses available for the same.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing courses don’t really have proper qualifications/degrees but do have many certified courses, sometimes for learning Digital Marketing or going for Digital Marketing courses some institutes might ask for Higher Secondary Education.


Designing courses provide different education qualifications/degrees such as B. Des in Industrial, B. Des in Jewellery, B. Des in Textile Design, B. Des Ceramic and Glass Design, B.Des in Fashion Communication, etc.

Video Making:

There are many certified Video Making courses available, to join video making courses candidates may require a bachelor’s degree and basic computer knowledge. There are many
institutes providing Video Making and Video Editing courses of which SRFTI (Satyajit Ray Film
and Television Institute), Calcutta is one of the best.

Photography and Photoshop:

Qualification/Degree in Photography and Photoshop courses are such as a diploma in photography, bachelor degree in photography, associate degree in photography, degree in
photojournalism and science etc.

Interview Preparation:

As such, there is no Qualification/Degree available for Interview Preparation but there are many
certified courses, provided by different institutions for Interview Preparation.

Industry Case Study:

An industry Case Study is something by which a person can gain a lot of knowledge, but there is no proper Education Qualification/Degree available for Industry Case Studies.

School Courses:

School Courses provide certificates to the student, in whatever field they have completed the courses, other than this school courses also provide academic qualification as well.

Programming Courses:

Qualifications/Degree in Programming Courses are a Graduate Certificate in Computer Programming, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor Degree in Mathematics or
Information Systems etc.

Best Course Options after Class 12th are:

It is seen that students usually get confused about pursuing education after 12th class, not clear about which field to pursue after 12th class, not clear about the goal in life, etc. To solve the same issues, the best course options after the 12th are mentioned below. Students do choose a field for study after class 10th, from Science, Commerce, and Arts. But after completing class 12th they get many options in their own field, Best options in the individual fields are:


● Bachelor of Physiotherapy
● BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science)
● B. VSC AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry)
● BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
● BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery)
● BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
● BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
● B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering)
● B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)
● B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
● BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
● BSc (Bachelor of Science)
● BSc (IT and Software)
● MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
● BEMS (Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery) (Homeopathy and Unani)
● B.Sc (Nursing)
● Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma)
● B.Sc (Hons)
● B.Sc Anthropology
● B.Sc Occupational Therapy
● B.Sc Physiotherapy
● B.Sc Chemistry
● Biotechnology
● B.Sc (H) Biomedical Science
● B.Sc Computer Science (H)
● B.Sc Electronics (H)
● B.Sc Microbiology
● Biochemistry
● B.Sc Zoology
● B.Sc Botany
● B.Sc Economics


● Bachelor of Commerce (
● Honours
● Bachelor in Economics
● Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS)
● Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
● Bachelor of Business Studies
● Bachelor of Computer Application
● Chartered Accountant (CA)
● Company Secretary (CS)
● Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)
● Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

● Data Science
● Digital Marketing
● Full Stack Department


● Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
● Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
● Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
● Integrated Law Course (B.A. + LLB)
● Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BBMJ
● Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)
● Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
● Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
● BA Journalism
● BA Psychology
● Bachelor of Social Work (B.SW)
● Travel and Tourism
● Event Management
● Retail and Fashion Merchandise
● Event Management

Best Education Options/Course Options for Girls:

Education never depends on gender, caste, religion, age, or anything. Girls and Boys both can get educated in whichever field they like and they want to, without facing any kind of discrimination. Earlier people didn’t use to educate their girls, due to their orthodox thinking. But now the thinking is changed and people do educate all their children, girls and boys both.
Girls can educate themselves in whichever field they like, but they are some educational fields/educational qualifications which are said to be the best for girls. The same is mentioned

After 10th,
● Computer Science
● Information Technology
● Fashion Designing
● Interior Designing
● Yoga
● Electronics
● Handicraft and Modern Garments
● Business Management

After 12th,
● Bachelor’s of Commerce (B.Com)
● Bachelor’s of Commerce (Honors)
● Bachelor’s in Economics

● Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA)
● Bachelor’s of Management Studies (BMS)

After graduation,
● Chartered Financial Analyst
● Company Secretary
● Chartered Accountant
● B.Sc Economics
● Bachelor of Finance and Accounting
● Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

For Post-graduation,
● Business Accounting and Taxation
● Tally
● PGDM Finance
● M.Com
● Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management
● Machine Learning
● Mobile App Development
● Management in Digital Marketing

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