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Nowadays people remain busy, don’t want to go out of their houses due to many reasons but even then want to keep on learning. Learning should be continued for the whole life, it is seen that people are busy in their work-life, jobs, business, etc. due to which they can’t go to colleges/universities to learn. To solve this problem there are many colleges, universities, websites providing online courses, distance learning courses.

Distance education /online courses are courses in which the students may not always be present at the school/college, learn and communicate using digital methods, video conferencing, calling, email, social media, etc.

In this article, Country Canada is focused on. Free online courses, websites for career development in Canada are mentioned below:

There are many websites providing free online courses for Career Development in Canada they
are mentioned below.
● Udemy
● Coursera
● Khan Academy
● edX
● Alison
● Open Culture
● Yale University
● SkillShare
● FutureLearn
● Class Central
● Algonquin College
● CHA Learning
● CPA Canada
● Havard University
● The Linux Foundation Training
● Linkedin Learning
● General Assembly
● Google Digital Garage and Google Skillshop
● Office 365 Training Centre and Microsoft Learn
● Code Academy
● Hubspot Academy
● Shopify Academy
● Yukon
● British Columbia
● Manitoba
● Ontario
● Nova Scotia
● National

From the above mentioned, websites and universities the best are explained below:


Udemy provides a platform for online learning and teaching marketplace on its website It has over 130000 courses with 35 million students. Udemy provides both free and certified courses as well. Udemy provides various courses such as designing courses, photography courses, development courses, marketing courses, IT and Software courses, and Personal Development courses. Udemy also provides various technical-trades such as Web Development and Data Science Mobile Apps, Programming Language, Game Development, Databases Software Testing, Software Engineering Development, E-Commerce Tools, Financial and Accounting, etc.

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Coursera provides an online platform to learn from top universities and leading companies in Canada. Coursera provides courses from universities like the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, New York Institute of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, UNSW Sydney, John Hopkins University, etc. Various courses such as Indigenous Canada, Science Literacy, Supply Chain Finance, and Blockchain Technology, What is Corruption: Anti-Corruption and Compliance, Market Analytics Capstone Project, etc. also provides various technical-trades such as Excel Skills for Business Essentials, Machine Learning for Trading, Excel Skills For Business: Intermediate, The Power of Macro Economics: Economic Principal in the Real World, Project Execution, Success, etc.


edX provides a digital platform to access 2000 free online courses from 140 leading institutions such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, and many other universities worldwide. edX provides different courses such as Computer Science, Language Learning, Data Science, Business and Management, different courses for various Engineering fields, Humanities, Art, Fashion, Literature, etc. edX also provides technical trades such as MicroBachelor’s Program, MicroMasters Program, Programs to Learn Technical Skills.

Alison: is an online platform that provides free online programs with certificates. Around 2 a million graduates have joined Alison and have secured their careers. Alison provides various courses and diplomas such as Advanced Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law, Advanced Diploma in Computer Vision, Advanced Diploma in Wastewater Treatment and Recycling, Global Market and Research Strategies, Diploma in Ethical Hacking, Advanced Diploma in Basic Electrical Circuits, etc. also provides various technical trades such as skilled trades, Electrician Training courses, Construction Training courses, Study Area courses, Plumbing courses, etc.

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SkillShare Canada is a great class to be taking part in, provides various courses, access to thousands of various classes, and access to creative coaching methods. SkillShare offers various courses such as Drawing, Illustration, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Photo, and Film courses, Writing courses and Lifestyle Related courses. SkillShare also provides various technical trades such as classes on
Trading, Investing, Analytics, Bitcoin, Price Action Trading MasterClass, etc.


Online learning is a popular choice in Canada, Canadian learners use the FutureLearn platform for a wide range of online courses. FutureLearn provides various courses such as COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus, Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture, Understanding IELTS, Rome: A Virtual City Tour of the Ancient City, Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology, How to Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students, Teaching English Only, etc. also provides various technical trades such as Construction Electrician, Carpenter, Welder, Steamfitter/Pipefitter, Trade, and Investment Commission, Professional Courses and many other Certified Courses.

The Linux Foundation Training:

The Linux Foundation Training provides a platform to make the open-source training easy. As the host of more than 100 open source projects, The Linux Foundation is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality training on a range of cutting edge technologies. The Linux Foundation Training provides access to various courses such as Linux Administrator, led-training courses, various tutorials, The Linux Foundation Certified
Engineer, Linux Foundation Certified IT engineer, etc. Provides technical trades such as regional training, Open Source Ecosystems, help farmers and small scales, etc.

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Linkedin Learning: is a platform for online learning that helps to enhance skills with Expert-Led, provides Online Video Tutorials also gives 24/7 unlimited access to over 16,000 businesses, design, and technical online courses and learn in-demand skills. Linkedin Learning provides various courses such as Working Remotely, Time Management, Microsoft Team Essential Training, Learning Zoom, Leading at a Distance, Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks, and many more. Linkedin Learning also provides various technical trades such as Learning Python, Excel Tips Weekly, Learning Data Analytics, JavaScript Essential Training, Strategic Thinking, Figure Drawing, Creativity Bootcamp, Deke’s Techniques, and many more.

Office 365 Training Centre and Microsoft Learn:

Office 365 Training Center and Microsoft Learn work on the merger of Microsoft Learn with Microsoft Learning. Office 365 Training Center and Microsoft Learn provides various courses such as basics to advanced techniques, Microtek Learning, learning Outlook Desktop, Admin Training Courses, etc. also provides various technical trades such as Microsoft Office Specialist, MSO365, Microsoft Educator Center, IT professionals, Microsoft Docs, practical skill
development etc.

Therefore, these are the websites providing free courses and advanced courses further for
career development in Canada.

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